The Innovative Zen Nano In addition MP3 participant (1 gigabyte £43.20) will come in 10 colors and is available in 512MB of flash memory to store up to 250 tracks and 1GB of flash memory to keep up to 500 tracks.

This is a characteristic prosperous ultra-transportable (dimension of a pen drive) MP3/WMA cellular audio solution in an desirable package and the smallest in Creative’s range and only 32 grams. This is an superb merchandise and 10/10!


The audio high quality for MP3 is fantastic and even greater for WMA encoded tracks, the frequency reaction is 20Hz to 20,000Hz, with a signal-to-noise ratio of 90dB.

Although plastic, the build high quality is of a superior regular with a strong scratch resistant casing. The gadget is managed by 3 responsive and sensibly sized buttons: electrical power on/off (which also functions as the perform/pause) quantity up and quantity down. The remaining functions are delivered through a scroll wheel which also has a rocker operate and acts as the skip and the quick forward/back controls. All controls can be operated one handed by use of the thumb only.

The black on environmentally friendly backlit 3cm x 1 cm Lcd (18 people) interface is a extremely intuitive and person-pleasant show utilizing 2 lines of text where by just about every of the most important12 features is identified by an icon. The screen orientation can be configured to allow reading whichever way up it is held (in any one of 16 languages!).

There are 6 graphic equaliser settings – 5 preset ( Rock, Jazz Classical, Pop, and Typical) and Personalized. The Tailor made placing permits handbook configuration of a 5-band filter circuit for tonal characteristics of the mid-frequencies.

Tracks can be placed in memory singularly or in folders as whole albums. There are 12 perform modes – perform all tracks / one track / one folder / all folders possibly in order or randomly and even perform when, repeat as soon as, repeat regularly..

The unit is driven by just one AAA battery which routinely delivers approximately 18-hrs of playback time, microphone 15 hrs and 9 hours of direct encoding. The supplied Energizer battery, nevertheless, lasted just in excess of 24 several hours. I want to use a pair of rechargeable batteries in tandem.

The product is linked to the laptop employing a USB cable (series “A” plug to Mini-B receptacle on the device) and is recognised as a typical mass storage drive, powered by the laptop when linked. There’s a rubber address more than the USB port on the product.

The laptop or computer motorists provide an particularly person friendly Drag-and-Fall fashion interface with USB 2. assist, which includes DRM copy-safeguarded music, letting you to easily transfer new music, even via a lowly USB 1.1 Windows 98 Computer system.

The driver software program is needless for simple storage functions as it can be utilized a like any other flash system having said that in contrast to some gadgets this does not have a sort A relationship so you will need to have the interface cable with you.

For ‘CD quality’ playback * a bare minimum little bit rate of 128Kbps is necessary which equates to 1 minute of tunes for every megabyte, as a result the 1 gigabyte offers 8 several hours well worth of CD quality audio which is about 200 tracks. Encoding at 64Kbps will allow 500 track marketed potential.

* In answer any criticism from those people who should know improved I know this is not a true comparison, by ‘CD quality’ in the context of an MP3 participant, I mean improved than cassette, but not studio, good quality, of class.

Excellent things:

1) Built-in condenser microphone recordings in 8 kHz, 4-bit in Mono wave format.

2) A created-in FM tuner with 32 presets and Autoscan functionality

3) Internal FM recording and synchronised recording, enabling you join it to a DAB radio and timed recordings

4) Line-In true-time MP3 encoding at 96, 128 or 160Kbps for direct connection and recording from any audio source with Line-in or earphones socket

5) Straightforward drag-and-fall songs and knowledge information. No pcs needed which also permits use of audio sources other than CD

6) 18 hrs or additional of battery existence

7) Operates like an sector typical flash generate, so can store information files these as photos and presentations

Negative things:

This is an great product and the only unfavorable remarks I have are quite superficial and it need to be famous that we pc science geeks appear to be to have a genetic propensity for pointless trivialities!

1) From power up normally takes up to 15 seconds to load and turn into operational, dependent on the potential

2) The bundled headphones are superior sufficient, but not sufficiently so to do justice to the audio high quality

3) As a flash dependent player, it could have been nice to have a immediate USB plug – now that retractable ones are showing up there would seem to be no motive not to

4) The rocker change/scroll wheel is a tiny fiddly, over-delicate and can lock

5) When searching by folders the to start with song in the folder is played, instead than offering a possibility to browse with out actively playing

6) I have recognized the odd random .3 2nd “skip”in the course of playback – this would seem to arise about every 6 hrs of use

7) I would have liked this to have appear with a rechargeable battery that could be billed utilizing the USB cable

8) The device can not be connected to a computer to present electricity although recording from the microphone or immediate encoding

9a) Folders and tracks being organised by descending alphabetic order in accordance to file names only, and the device shows the file identify only for a second then switches to the encoded keep track of title which could be entirely distinct. This can appear quote disorienting with massive volumes of files organised with actual file names

9b) Whilst a pc is not expected, besides for the means to delete documents, there is no interface to organise or name directly captured data files which are composed respectively to an ‘encoded tracks’ folder and named EN001 incrementally up to EN999, and to a “recorded files’ folder named VOIC001 to VC999

10) Voice recordings are encoded as WAV files, I would have appreciated the possibility to use MP3 encoding

11) There is a 1.8 next hold off when starting and ending a direct recording

12) The unit immediately encodes at a optimum of 160bkps, I never take into consideration this a true situation but consumers are becoming accustomed to batter top quality encoding and complete WAV PCM output. 🙂

13) Direct encoding requires a non-typical adaptor (3.5mm to 2.5mm Mono plug to plug guide).

Box Contents

Zen Nano Moreover


AAA Battery

USB 2. Cable

Line-in Cable

Quick Start off Booklet (many language)

Set up CD (a number of language)

Neck Strap

Resource by Michael Hart